Su’afaiga Dr. Peter Beresford Blood

Director & Head of Finance

Specialist Derivatives Consultant

Dr. Blood is a Global Investment & Offshore Taxation Consultant with particular skills in the areas of finance and administration

Dr. Blood holds the qualifications of:

  • BSc Agr (University of Sydney), DIC (ImperialCollege Science & Technology UK),
  • PhD (University of London)
  • Plus Diploma & Certificate qualifications in:
  • International Business from the Pacific Asian Management Institute,
  • College of Business Administration, University of Hawaii
  • Bond Technology from the International Securities
  • Market Association (ISMA, Zürich) & University of Reading
  • Advanced Derivatives from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & DePaul University
  • PG Diploma in International Taxation Law, RKC, Switzerland.

Dr. Blood has a background in agribusiness and third world public-sector investment and is an acknowledged expert on international & offshore investment analysis.

Dr. Blood has worked for World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other multilateral organisations in some dozen countries and former senior official in UNDP (in charge of US$500M portfolio).

Dr. Blood specialises in investment analytics, collectivised securities, derivatives, etc. He has been teaching Applied Derivatives and International Investment at Bond University since 1997 up to Dec. 2004. He is currently involved in melding Academic with Industrial /Government-licensed Finance training to be taught online in Asia, Middle East, the U.S. & Australia (Gryphon EdInvest Associates). A former Director of Citigold Corporation, an Australian public company. Dr. Blood was also involved in strategic planning, financial analysis & fund raising for Citigold’s Australian operations plus the asset diversification of its Middle East operations.

Dr Blood spends significant time in Samoa where he is engaged in investment analysis through Faleula Investments Pty Ltd & development work in the banking & higher education areas, some of which is not-for profit. Dr Blood is also current Vice Patron of the Samoan Rugby Union & Head of State appointed Director of the merged Samoa Polytechnic & National University of Samoa.

Currently in partnership with brokers and other finance professionals in international/offshore firm based in San Diego (PacRim Investment Analytics LLC. He is Chairman of Professional Solutions International, a boutique financial services firm offering up-market cutting-edge wealth-creation solutions for HNW individuals and small institutions.

In recent years, Dr. Blood is Managing Director of PacRim Investment Analytics LLC ., Director of National University of Samoa, Chairman of MUS Consulting Ltd. and Principal of Solar South Pacific.