About Us

The Foundation

Peace International Foundation is a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organization, which advocates to promoting ‘peace’, to free a world from suffering by breaking through the multitude of restrictions of race, religion, cultural differences, politics, and discrimination.

The Foundation was established in an effort to:

♦ Build upon existing non-profit networks and education programs that stimulate a greater awareness and appreciation for “peace”

• ‘Peace’ is not only absence of war and violence.
• ‘Peace’emanates whenever an individual acquires inner peace & serenity
• ‘Peace’ matures as families & peers display mutual understanding & kindness,
• ‘Peace’ culminates when diverse communities cohabitate in a harmonious, orderly fashion

♦ To become one of the recognized international platforms, maximizing efficiency in the non-profit sector by linking with existing selected log and international foundations & organizations to promote the “culture of peace.”

♦ Alleviate poverty & assist those in need, both locally & internationally

♦ Promote to HK citizens and those in greater Asia region to understand the value of peace

♦ Attract & encourage individuals and organizations to establish long-term, do-good organizations and communities

♦ Facilitate the extension of our work into the Asia region

♦ Help make Hong Kong a “model” city in the non-profit world

♦ Over time, it is our hope that this beneficent mentality will extend beyond the initial scope to peace projects spanning the local and global communities, establishing both Hong Kong and PIF as model organisms.