Dr. Gracemary Leung

Hon. Advisor & Chairperson of Peace International Centre

  • PhD, MBA, MSc(clin) C..Psychol, AFBPsS, AFHKPs
  • Hon. Assistant Professor of the Social Science Research Centre
  • Hon. Clinical Associate for the Centre of Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong
  • Hon. Consultant Even centre for rehabilitation of problem gamblers (Tungwah Hosp Group)
  • Hon. Consultant of Focus Psychological Enrichment Centre.
  • Chartered Clinical psychologist
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Registered clinical psychologist in HK and
  • Associate Fellow of the HK Psychological Society.

Professionally as a clinical psychologist she worked in UK for the past 30 years (1978-1999), her work has been on innovative clinical work and practices in UK. For example:

a) she set up the first Psychiatric Day Hospital in Redditch Health District, West Midlands, beneath a GP practice (1979);
b) the first Rehabilitation unit (1986) Hahnemann House in the community in Bournemouth, Dorset, for the rehabilitation of schizophrenia.
c) Project initiator and set up a Challenging Unit for behaviorally disturbed adolescents and children (1990).

She was the coordinator and manager of the entire project of multi-disciplinary staff. The unit won the runner-up prize of the Maggie Thatcher Initiative on Psychiatric Rehabilitation project 1986. Her publication on the Relative Support group for people with schizophrenia hit the First International conference in Vancouver (1990) on this work. She was a member of the senior management team within the Health Authority. She also set up the second new initiative: Forensic Services within the community in Dorset (1991) as the Director of the Community Forensic services. She did that for the following nine years, working with Police, Judges, Prison Officers, and was an expert witness in Courts.

She retired in 1999 and came to Hong Kong University teaching M.Soc.Sc. courses on Clinical Psychology and Counseling. Currently the University has invited her to work as the Acting Director for Student Development and Counselling, retiring in August 2006.

Research has been on the assessment /treatment of compulsive gamblers (since 1978), and on prevalence study for HKSARS and HK Jockey Club with Dr. Bacon-shone. Various publications includes Leung’s Suicide Screening Tool.