Dr Andrew Thomson

Hon. Advisor – Environment

Almost 30 years ago, Dr Andrew Thomson was inspired to pursue a career in environmental protection when he participated in an expedition to the Arctic to assess the impact of global warming and air pollution as recorded in the annual ice layers in Arctic glaciers. Since that time he has dedicated his life, first to environmental studies and then as a champion for change within the business community on the root causes of pollution and unsustainable resource consumption. His 25 years of working experience include 18 years in Hong Kong.

Andrew is a member of the HKSAR Government’s Council for Sustainable Development and Waste Disposal Appeal Board Panel. He has also served as a member of the Government’s Harbour-front Enhancement Committee, Harbour Commission, and Tourism Strategy Group, and as a judging panel for various environmental and sustainability awards, He is a member of the Local Advisory Committee of the Division of Environment at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

In his spare time, Andrew has a passion for the natural environment, and is an active outdoor enthusiast and wilderness explorer. He has travelled around the world, both as part of his work and also as part of his desire to see firsthand the fragility of the natural environment. He frequently shares his experience speaking and moderating at local and overseas conferences on sustainable development, corporate social and environmental responsibility, and specific topics such as energy efficiency, climate change, green buildings, waste, green manufacturing and products, and sustainable travel and tourism.
He has served as CEO of Hong Kong’s Business Environment Council (BEC) since 2001 until summer 2012, and has embarked on a new path to inspire change and help individuals and organizations become more sustainable.