“All we are saying is give peace a chance –John Lennon“

Peace is an artificial concept that we all strive for. Let’s convert it into action!

Peace has always been among humanity’s highest values, but at this time of our life, humanity is at a crossroads when vast numbers of people in the world are suffering from acute poverty, discrimination and violence. We need to create our collective tomorrows of peace. To be practical, ‘Alone, we can accomplish little. Together, we can make the world a better place for mankind.’ This is the purpose of forming The Peace Club of Hong Kong.

The Peace Club (run in association with Peace International Foundation) is the first private club to be established for the like-minded peace supporters from all walks of life to pursue their interests in and share their views on peace. Furthermore, it provides a platform for peace builders to inspire one another to put words into action and really make a difference in ‘bringing hope and changing lives’ of the disadvantaged.

It takes more than a single organization to build hope, and have the courage to change lives– that’s why we created this partnership with members to support our cause – a quest for peace. Cultures can and do change over time. This gives us the encouragement to believe that there is a way forward to create a more peaceful society around the world. It all starts with each one of us.

To achieve Peace at home, Peace in the Society and Peace in the World.

“We need to build not only geographical but spiritual bridges between people and strengthen the intellectual, cultural and communication linkages between our societies. (Let us) stand ready to participate in the effort to promote social integration and create a culture of peace.”

(From UNESCO PRESS Report at World Summit for Social Development by Director-General UNESCO, Frederico Mayor)

The objectives of The Peace Club are threefold:

Provides an avenue where ideas, activities and information can be shared on The Peace Club website, our Membership Map and through monthly meetings and regular events. To capture the expertise of our members on various issues in peace building.

Offers members collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity

Serves as an international platform to work closely with corporations/organisations and NGOs in the region and globally to provide assistance to those in crisis and especially to educate children of conflict.

We encourage members to promote the ‘Culture of Peace’:

Choose patience and tolerance

Choose peace and harmony

Choose love and care

Choose acts of kindness

Choose to give first

Choose understanding and acceptance

I would like to invite you to join a stellar group of professionals and individuals at our monthly get-together. Membership is by invitation. If you are interested to join us to build bridges of peace, please send us an email : Info@PeaceClubHK.Peace-Intl.org

On behalf of the Patrons and the Board of Directors, I welcome you to The Peace Club.

Maria Ying-Matthews
The Peace Club