Maria Ying-Matthews – Founder & Chairperson – Peace International Foundation

Founder’s Message

Many of us in Hong Kong today are fortunate enough to be well-fed, well-sheltered and live in a peaceful atmosphere. This often makes us forgetful of the vast number of people in the world who are suffering from acute poverty, discrimination and violence. Humanity is now at crossroads and we need to create our collective tomorrows of peace. It is hence the Peace International Foundation’s mission to motivate the people of Hong Kong to be proactive in pressing for peace and a better tomorrow for the under-privileged.

I strongly believe such a mission cannot be accomplished without providing special peace education for the young people of today, the next generation of leaders. For this reason our events aim to instill a sense of global awareness and compassion in the young volunteers of Hong Kong, to awaken them to  the needs of the less fortunate.

Peace should begin first in our hearts, then our families, communities and ultimately the world. Let us become an instrument of change, to make a difference with purpose, and make a difference to humanity.

This year, to celebrate the International Day of Peace, PIF has gathered a group of young volunteers with kind and generous hearts who have devoted their time and energy outside work and school to put these events together. It is through their efforts that the project has come to fruition and without them it could not have been achieved. I hope that their example will inspire other young people in Hong Kong and beyond to get involved in the work of peace and to turn the dream of a better world into reality.

I sincerely thank you for being present here today as each one of you is crucial to the campaign for peace.

May peace prevail on Earth.