Founder’s Message

In this millennium, there are more pains and sufferings we face on this planet. About 100 million more people than last year have been pushed into chronic hunger and poverty, figure released by FAO. Humanity is at a crossroad and it is important for us to create our collective tomorrows of PEACE. We are all connected as intrinsic inter-related human beings and the environment. There’s nothing more superior than human life and we should appreciate every day for what a great gift it is.

Basic essentials are important for all lives on earth, PEACE is compulsory and important for humanity and inhabitants of the world. Peace begins first in our hearts and minds, then our families, communities and ultimately the world.

Peace International Foundation †(PIF) believes the realization of world peace depends on an awakening of consciousness on each individual human being to respect all forms of life on earth and compassion for fellow global citizens and the environment.

At the core of our definition of Peace is the belief that its culture can only be sustained through development and stability, to create a world free from starvation and an end to poverty a lasting life changing opportunity.

There are 6.77 billion reasons to have peace on this Earth. Of the 2.2 billion children in the world, 1 billion live in poverty (every second child).

The global economic crisis is taking the greatest toll on people already living in extreme poverty. Responding to this urgent need, PIF has formulated a few projects in 2009 to contribute our share to answer these calls.

One can make a difference by the real power of compassions which is the universal language of mankind. Let us become an instrument of change to produce peace. Make a difference with Purpose and make a difference with Humanity.

The founding of PIF has inspired me to give time, effort and compassion to help others discover the joy of peace. I hope that you will join me in the same endeavour.

Maria Ying-Matthews
Founder & Chairperson